Smart SIM

To make a SIM smart, we are working with Able Device, a provider of technology for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and IoT service providers. Its flagship product "SIMbae" (short for "SIM based application engine") enables hosting of IoT device controls & applications on standard SIM cards. In this new architecture, the SIM is transformed from a passive memory unit controlled by an external CPU to an intelligent processor. As SIMbae utilizes established and common 3GPP SIM standards, IoT controls & applications implemented in this way become device and network agnostic - with benefits including shorter time to market, reduced development cost, lower operating cost, and improved security. 

In an environment containing a wide range of IoT devices across multiple MNO networks, SIMbae offers control of each device’s connectivity, including roaming and data connectivity that is independent of the MNO owning and/or operating a specific part of the network utilized by an enterprise device or application. SIMbae also provides the service provider or enterprise with information on each device’s status in the Radio Access Network (RAN), even if there is integration lacking between the RAN and a particular MNO's systems. Moreover, by embedding the IoT application on the SIM and utilizing 3GPP standards, a consistent high level of application and communications security is achieved.

For more information, see SIMbae's webpage and get in touch with us for a free trial.