IoT Solution Optimizer for Integrators / OEM´s

Designing, testing and optimizing IoT devices and applications is a long and costly process. Building a vertical IoT solution from scratch typically requires several iterations of prototyping and analyzing energy consumption of the device, taking weeks to months. This is why Deutsche Telekom has developed the IoT Solution Optimizer to drastically improve time-to-market, help to identify risks early on, ensure proper integration of feature support and weigh out design choices. It is a cloud-based service that digitizes and scales up IoT technical consultancy for onboarding enterprises. Within minutes, users can compose their own design by selecting hardware components and characterizing their application’s intended behavior, including the use of specific network features. After users finish configuring the deployment scenario for their product, the IoT Solution Optimizer models device performance, delivering reliable results and multiple optimization opportunities. This includes energy consumption breakdowns to predict battery lifetime.

Deutsche Telekom is rapidly extending this unique offering by partnering with leading companies in the IoT industry including suppliers of network components, chipsets, modules and batteries. The world’s first IoT ecosystem has arrived!

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