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Latest News on Industrial Wireless Routers

February 03, 2013

INDUSTRIAL ROUTERS WHICH OPEN UP NEW POSSIBILITIES Machines and installations are linked together world-wide, control centers have access to remote stations at any time. You can offer your...

Smart M2M Solutions for Smart Homes

November 23, 2012

SMART M2M SOLUTIONS FOR SMART HOMES Do you offer 3G/GSM solutions for Smart homes? Do you have customers asking for... ... Internet access on remote locations with no ADSL wire, like...

QGate - Communicate with your electrical devices

November 23, 2012

GSM/3G SOLUTIONS FOR SMART HOMES Do you have customers wanting to manage and monitor their electrical devices via their smart phone, tablet or web browser? By using Apps and the intelligent...

VIU2: the Revolutionary Plug'n Play 3G Camera

November 23, 2012

WHATEVER YOU WANT TO KEEP AN EYE ON, ANYWHERE ANYTIME VIU² 3G camera is now available! The VIU² is the world's first plug'n play stand-alone 3G security solution that can stream live audio...

3G Mobile Solutions for Automotive

November 23, 2012

3G MOBILE SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMOTIVE ¿Would you like to offer in-car connectivity to your customers? ¿Would you like to make more entertaining the trip? The XYfi is the best way to stay...

Your M2M Certification Partner

October 18, 2012

M2M PRODUCTS BENEFIT FROM OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION. Testing and certification of M2M products – a worthwhile investment to make a success of your smart M2M products. Wireless communications...

Maritime Newsletter

September 11, 2012

Newsletter Maritime Market! In today’s fast paced life – people are on the move, and are travelling greater distances than ever. This increasingly flexible lifestyle brings with it the need to...

Owasys owa3x advanced router family

July 26, 2012

A NEW POWERFUL OPEN M2M PLATFORM SUITABLE FOR THE WIRELESS APPLICATION YOU NEED TO DEVELOP Owasys SL have now launched the new owa3x Rugged IP67 family with UMTS, the latest in their range of...


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