September 04, 2013

Wireless Workshop at 7Layers

Wireless Workshop at 7Layers in Ratingen (by Düsseldorf Airport) Germany, 16th. October 2013

Are you interested in the latest market access requirements for M2M devices with integrated wireless technology? Do you want to learn more about new technologies like e-call and LTE ? 

7Layers has years of experience with smart technologies like HSPA, LTE, Bluetooth etc. Our workshop will help you find a way through the jungle of market access regulations.

Rules and regulations - required when marketing an M2M device with integrated wireless technology – can be confusing. By attending the 7Layers Wireless Workshop you will learn about the latest market access requirements and technological developments. Listen to our experienced engineers, take part in a tour through our laboratories, and enjoy lunch and coffee breaks during the workshop.

Our topics are

  • Technology evolution towards LTE
  • New regulatory requirements for products with integrated wireless components
  • Market access requirements for wireless products in selected countries
  • REACH/RoHS requirements for electronic products
  • Qualification of products with integrated Bluetooth® modules
  • End2End testing of e-call enabled in-vehicle cellular connectivity devices

Please notice that the presentations will be held in English and that participation is restricted.

For your timely registration please go to:

or email to or

Location: 7Layers Ratingen
Tryp Hotel, Am Schimmersfeld 9
40880 Ratingen, Germany


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