November 23, 2012

3G Mobile Solutions for Automotive


¿Would you like to offer in-car connectivity to your customers? ¿Would you like to make more entertaining the trip?

The XYfi is the best way to stay connected to your vehicle. This is an alternative to the traditional and complex embedded telematics which focus on the driver’s screen. As mobile computing becomes growing rapidly, XYFI is designed to offer mobile connectivity to all passengers and all devices (tablets, eReaders, PC…).

Aiming to support your business, both device and interface are customizable to highlight your brand and services to consumers. Powered by an elegant cigarette lighter adapter, XYFI is extremely simple to use and can be plugged to other energy sources such as a long-life battery, wall adapter or laptop to remain connected anywhere.

  • Plug’n surf router for passengers
  • Powerful wifi router (up to 8 devices)
  • Connectivity for 3G/Wifi/Hotspots 
  • Easily powered thanks to its elegant cigarette lighter adapter
  • Share your multimedia files (micro SD)
  • Well-designed interface for mobile devices
  • Supports the majority of web browsers
  • Possible to include your own brand

For bigger vehicles, like buses, we highly recommend you to take a look to our Globesurfer III+ with the external antenna. This reliable router can connect up to 254 simultaneous users, which will offer a high quality solution for any passenger in the vehicle. 

For any requests or any other product related questions, please feel free to contact us. Keep your customers connected, visit our webshop or send us an email to and we will be pleased to attend your request.

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