February 03, 2013

Latest News on Industrial Wireless Routers


Machines and installations are linked together world-wide, control centers have access to remote stations at any time. You can offer your customers professional solutions for remote monitoring and remote maintenance with the industrial data communication products of INSYS-icom.

Experience modern data communication of INSYS-icom. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We would be glad to give you advice!


The cellular GPRS router IMO-1 is the perfect entry-level device. An Ethernet and an RS232 interface as well as digital IOs enable a flexible use. The device is perfectly suitable for an operation together with a Siemens LOGO! micro controller due to a special interface and monitoring function. Configuration and visualisation are performed using a web interface.

Refer to www.insys-icom.com/imo for further information.


The MoRoS series provides high-end devices that combine the functions of router, modem and switch. Besides cellular solutions from GPRS/EDGE up to HSPA, MoRoS are also available for wired applications (modem, ISDN and ADSL) or LANs. The 5-port switch, the RS232 interface, digital IOs as well as a second SIM card slot are only a few of various features

Get more info at www.insys-icom.com/moros about the whole range of MoRoS products.

INSYS Linux Sandbox

Get out more form your INSYS-icom router: with the INSYS sandbox. This provides a Linux programming environment directly on the device that enables you to program your own applications or use ready-made apps of INSYS-icom.

Find out more about the INSYS sandbox under www.insys-icom.com/sandbox.

INSYS Connectivity Service

An own VPN - simple and secure: The INSYS Connectivity Service makes it possible. Your routers and devices can be accessed across all networks and addressed at any time with this. Certificate management, group and connection management as well as an automated configuration of INSYS icom devices are a breeze - with minimum investment.

Our tip: Test the INSYS Connectivity Service for four weeks free of charge!

Refer to www.insys-icom.com/connectivity for more information.


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