October 18, 2012

Your M2M Certification Partner


Testing and certification of M2M products – a worthwhile investment to make a success of your smart M2M products.

Wireless communications are beginning to influence all areas of modern life, thanks to many factors such as radio modules becoming less expensive, network structures becoming increasingly reliable and applications becoming more and more desirable. However, the ubiquitous wireless connectivity we aspire needs to be safe, reliable and trustworthy to become generally accepted.

Smart M2M devices with integrated radio modules have so far faced rather high hurdles for conventional GCF certification. Consequently, GCF is currently working together with accredited laboratories such as 7Layers to develop a more stringent certification scheme especially designed for M2M products.

The basic idea is that for a smooth certification process, end-products will have to be equipped with GCF pre-certified modules, thus keeping the scale of the necessary test sessions reasonably small. The test program will then depend on factors such as power supply, antennas, SIM cards, user interface and module modifications during integration etc. Testing may include field & interoperability testing and conformance & performance measurements. Such M2M-specific test and certification processes will be conducted by so-called GCF Recognized Test Organizations (RTO). To make GCF certification affordable for all M2M manufacturers, it is intended to set up an economical pay-per-use certification scheme that does not require full GCF membership as in the mobile phone industry.

This way GCF certification for M2M devices can become a straightforward process that will provide a decisive competitive advantage. This will apply all the more when M2M manufacturers place their confidence in a partner with many years experience of working for GCF and who is actively involved in projects for a smarter world.

SmartM2MSolutions is working with 7Layers, an experienced global group of engineering & test centers that has been supporting the mobile industry for many years. It is inherent in wireless communications that it always comes with an element of risk. Certification processes, such as the one GCF is currently developing for M2M, will help reduce risks and ensure a standardized level of interoperability and quality. This can play a decisive role if M2M devices are to gain wider market acceptance and become a success for both manufacturers and consumers.”

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