Security & Public Safety

The concern over security and safety is increasingly growing. The demand for effective security systems makes M2M technologies the perfect choice for private residential, commercial and public locations. They provide inexpensive, rapid and flexible deployment for video surveillance, building monitoring, surveillance, emergency services, among others.

Personal tracking

Using M2M technology, personal tracking devices allow users to know where their relatives are in real time and they can be warned in case of problems or when they request assistance. It helps to enhance personal safety by helping parents, caretakers and authorities monitor children, elderly, pets and even people on home arrest.

Emergency services

Quick response and proper emergency assistance can help prevent some deaths in case of accident. M2M can help to save lives improving the handling of an emergency situation. Information can be provided in real time to the central control, so that hospitals can be better prepared for incoming patients and also provide in-transit care.

Public infrastructure

Governments have to mantain a wide range of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, wires, cables, pipes, canals, sewers and waste dumps. M2M communications can be used to more efficiently monitor the condition of public infrastructure and even simplify daily maintenance by automating some tasks.


Security and surveillance systems can be used to monitor open spaces, valuable property or even people for protection or to identify intruders. M2M applications can keep track of all incidents and alert authorities, shortening reaction times, and enable remote access authorization to controlled area with the ability to open and close locks, doors or gates.

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