Machine-to-machine solutions offer great advantages to the retail industry, enabling remote monitoring and control or process automation. M2M can also provide unique and innovative communication channels, such as digital advertising spaces, for reaching customers. M2M technology can optimize inventory, provide automatic updates on maintenance needs or even handle payment services. Customers can also enjoy superior shopping experience with real-time inventory data or information on special offers, leading to increased sales performance.


Telemetry systems are very helpful to manage vending machines in many diverse locations. M2M solutions can help operators to cut costs and reduce the number of visits and downtime, by providing real-time information about inventory, sales or errors in individual machines, as well as adjusting settings or changing prices.

Payment / POS

Cashless payment by means of credit/debit cards and mobile payment is gaining acceptance and increasingly used. POS devices can be installed in open areas where telephone lines are absent or operated at peak times in addition to conventional phone lines, which makes them flexible as well as simple to use.

Store Management

With M2M solutions, store managers can see automatically in real-time which items are stocked, which items they need to order, and how effectively certain items are selling. They can also help to provide a positive shopping experience for the customer, optimizing visual presentation, product placement, shelf capacity and in-stock positions.

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