M2M (machine-to-machine) is a general term for systems that enable machines and equipment to communicate. The types of information going to and fro between the remote instruments and devices and the host center will enable a synchronized and harmonious operation to be accomplished.

Real time data can be collected from the field and enter a processing center where, with other collective information, the system can make appropriate decisions on operation, service, maintenance, and location.

Machine Building / Automation

Manufacturing companies depend on their machinery having uninterrupted maintenance and holdups can cause additional downtime costs. M2M devices enable a direct remote access to machines/systems to enable diagnosis and a detailed error analysis so that production can be resumed as quickly as possible.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring applications are designed to save money and improve efficiency. By monitoring values, any errors in the process or failures of system components can be detected and remedied early on to avoid further damage.

HVAC & Building Automation

The benefits of intelligent systems for building technology and property management are clear. Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting and blinds can be monitored and controlled remotely to improve the building energy efficiency. Building automation systems helps to minimise power consumption while enhancing convenience.

Supply / Disposal

M2M communications offer many options to connect detached stations along pipelines, transformer stations or faraway elevated reservoirs to their control centre for a flawless operation. Low-cost, reliable communications can be established wirelessly to connect remote control stations to get data from sensors and control modules.

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