“Approximately 60 percent of Western countries will be bankrupt by 2060 if they do not succeed in controlling the rising costs of healthcare”

M2M has an increasingly important role in medical healthcare, in welfare and well-being and in fitness and training programs. Through the use of mobile devices, touch screens, cloud computing and faster mobile broadband networks (4G) it has become simpler to collect, store and read out medical data remotely. This ensures that prevention, cure and care change in a revolutionary way.

Due to rising healthcare costs and demographic change, mobile health is becoming an increasingly important topic.

Mobile health / eHealth

Mobile health has the potential to transform how care is delivered to patients. The new care models enabled by M2M technologies are often more cost-efficient for care providers and have numerous benefits for patients. With mHealth you can check the sugar level and the blood pressure remotely and monitor and adjust the medication intake.

Assisted Living

Thanks to innovative machine to machine solutions based on connected healthcare devices, we have a better chance to live independently at the later stages of our lives without sacrificing safety and quality of life.

Sports & Fitness

Today being healthy isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle. M2M solutions can not only monitor vital signs during exercise, but can also gather real-time data over Internet. Users can quickly view and gain valuable insight on both their health and fitness programs, and even share their workouts with other people.

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