Energy & Utilities

Energy is a strategic factor in competition globally. The energy industry is transforming rapidly due to the inclusion of innovative technologies, varied regulations, changing price models and decentralized power generation.

Machine-to-machine solutions comes in to play to help users and energy companies better manage and track energy consumption through all areas in the "energy cycle". M2M technology also will help utilities shift between energy sources, allowing to integrate renewable energies like wind and solar. This revolution helps us use natural resources in a more conscious, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Smart Grid

A smart grid is an "intelligent" electricity distribution network that uses M2M solutions to enable the automated interaction of intelligent devices to react to critical events or moritorize all electricity flowing in the system, helping to improve efficiency and reliability in energy distribution and optimize the allocation of resources and the usage of assets.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficiency is becoming a factor in business succes, as is planned energy management in the public and private sectors, allowing to reduced energy consumption. M2M technology can help improve energy efficiency by remotely monitoring and control the consumption of powered devices and tracking usage for billing and reporting.

Smart Metering

Automated meter readers (AMR) are an innovative and advanced utility meter that records a business or consumers energy, water or gas usage in real time. M2M technology enables customer relationship management, demand-side management and value added services, helping to provide a more reliable and sustainable supply.

Renewable Energies: Solar & Wind

Managing solar and wind farms that are sited offshore or on remote locations is a challenge. M2M technologies provide a simple, cost effective solution for retrieving assessment and monitoring data to maximize energy production and reduce the need of other sources by enabling real-time response to output changes caused by changing weather, failure or maintenance issues.

Oil, Gas & Petroleum

In oil, gas and pretoleum industry, production and distribution systems can span hundreds of kilometers and suffer inclement weather. M2M solutions allow to centralizes monitoring and access, helping controllers to communicate with instrumentation at wellheads, pipelines and other remote sites.

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