M2M expertise across markets

Machine to machine (M2M) solutions and services are growing rapidly in the recent decade. M2M has the potential to unleash significant productivity gains and economic growth unlike any previous technology wave.

Helping customers to stay competitive, SmartM2MSolutions enables customers to meet business challenges across diverse markets such as Automotive, Mobile Payment, Tracking, Consumer, Energy and Industrial through highly quality innovative wireless connectivity products.

Our vast experience will enable you to deliver outstanding M2M solutions to your customers in the best and easiest way for you. Please contact us with any questions or comments and let us find the right solution for you!

Energy and Utilities

Machine-to-machine solutions comes in to play to help users and energy companies better manage and track energy consumption through all areas in the energy cycle and also to help utilities shift between energy sources, allowing to integrate renewable energies.›› see more

Consumer and Home

Wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding to a whole new generation of wirelessly connected consumer electronics that are changing the way we live and work. New generation devices are intelligently connected to enable real-time interactions.›› see more


Real time data can be collected from remote intruments or devices and enter a processing center where, with other collective information, the system can make appropriate decisions on operation, service, maintenance, and location. ›› see more

Logistics and Transport

Machine-to-machine solutions help to manage fleets of commercial and passenger vehicles, adding increased safety, quality, comfort and convenience for drivers and passengers and enabling connected cars where enjoying entertainment regardless of the location. ›› see more


Machine-to-machine solutions offer great advantages to the retail industry, enabling remote monitoring and control or process automation. M2M can also provide unique and innovative communication channels, such as digital advertising spaces, for reaching customers. ›› see more

Security and Public Safety

M2M technologies the perfect choice for effective security systems for private residential, commercial and public locations. They provide inexpensive, rapid and flexible deployment for video surveillance, building monitoring, surveillance, emergency services, etc. ›› see more